Friday, June 25, 2010

#BookReview: From Cape Town with Love - Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due & Steven Barnes

Okay ladies, let's just take a moment to marinate on the sexiness that is Blair Underwood.  I'll give you a minute or two...notice how I made the picture a little larger than usual.  That's my Friday gift to you.  Now let's move on to the book.  I mean, that is why we're here, right?

The third in the series that started with In the Night of the Heat and followed by Casanegra, From Cape Town with Love is the best of the three.  I liked the first two books, but there were segments of the previous books that moved too slowly.  There is none of that in From Cape Town.

Tennyson "Ten" Hardwick is a sometimes actor, sometimes gigolo, sometimes detective.  He's also the guardian of a 17-year old girl, Chela, that he saved from the former madame for whom he previously worked; and caretaker of his father, a recent stroke victim and former Los Angeles Police chief.  His relationship with journalist April Forrest left him reeling and in an effort to rekindle their romance, he tracks her down in South Africa.

Through April's connections Ten is offered the job of body guarding Hollywood actress Sophia Maitlin, who is in the country to adopt a baby girl.  Ten and Sophia have an immediate bond that is only made stronger through their mutual admiration of adoptive parents.  When baby Nandi is kidnapped back in the states, Ten is the one person Sophia trusts to bring her baby girl home.

What did you like about this book?
The pace of the book was just right.  There was never a slow moment and, at the same time, it never felt rushed. The storyline and characters were equally exciting and made this book a real page turner.

What did you dislike about this book?
I can't think of a thing.

What could the author do to improve this book?
Insert a pullout poster of Blair Underwood...No? Well a girl can dream, can't she?

Published May 2010

Theme: Agent Double-O Soul by Edwin Starr


  1. Blair Underwood is just...scrumptious! I have to admit that he was the reason I even picked up any of the Tennyson Hardwick novels, haha. One of the things I love about Ten (besides his fineness, ha) is the relationship with Chela. I was glad to see it explored more fully in this novel. I'm a sucker for healthy father/daughter relationships.

  2. So excited. Ordered it yesterday so I'll be diving in as soon as it arrives. Great review!

  3. Nice review. I enjoyed Casanegra as an audio book so I'll pick this one up too. The actor who read before did a nice job. I just finished Blood Game by Iris Johansen and I was disappointed. I need a pick-me-up after that one.

  4. Girl you put my thoughts about this book into words.