Friday, June 4, 2010

#BookReview: The Double Comfort Safari Club - Alexander McCall Smith

Mma Ramotswe and her sidekick, Grace Makutsi, are back in the eleventh book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, The Double Comfort Safari Club.  When last we left the ladies in Tea Time for the Traditionally Built, Mma Ramotswe had just bid a fond farewell to her beloved white van while Mma Makutsi was busy protecting her fiance from the wily Violet Sephotho.

Though she was able to keep Violet away from her fiance, Phuti Radiphuti, Grace finds that keeping him away from his aunt will be a much greater task and she's not sure if she's up for it.  With Mma Makutsi distracted by everything going on in her world, Mma Ramotswe finds herself handling the cases of the cheating spouses alone.  Luckily Grace is able to assist her just in time to nail the rapscallion who has cheated an innocent man out of his hard earned money and locate another who stands to inherit a large sum of money.

Some people have difficulty reading books after they've watched the movie version and vice versa.  In my opinion actresses Jill Scott and Anika Noni Rose bring the characters to life.  Don't get me wrong, the books are extremely well written, but having seen the series on HBO, when I read the books, I see and hear them more vividly.  Fans of the books should be happy to learn that while the author has agreed to write fourteen books for the series, the author is quoted as saying "I shall, however, be happy to continue beyond that if people wish me to!"

In addition, I know that fans of the TV series were disappointed to learn that HBO would not be bringing the series back.  However, I did participate in a Q & A with the author a few weeks back and learned that HBO has indeed agreed to two movies and has hired a screenwriter.  I would imagine that with Jill Scott currently on tour and Anika Noni Rose in pre-production on For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, it may be awhile before we see either movie.

What did you like about this book?
The author describes Botswana with such detail that every time I pick up one of his books, I long to visit the country.

What did you dislike about this book?
At a little over 200 pages, it just wasn't long enough.

What could the author do to improve this book?
I would have liked to hear more from Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni and Phuti Radiphuti.

Published April 2010

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