Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week Nomination

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up once again.  Hosted the week of September 13-17, it's a week long celebration of book blogs all across the netisphere (I may or may not have just made up a word).  At any rate, I put a lot of work into reading and reviewing books and while I think it's just tacky to toot your own horn, sometimes you have to.  I've put myself into the running for Best Cultural Book Blog.  I know, I know. I read a little and review a little bit of everything over here, but my focus is primarily books by and/or about African-Americans.

The good people at BBAW asked for a post with links to what I consider my five most representative posts, so here they go.  (By the way, if you think there's another post I should have submitted, feel free to let me know.)


  1. You do a great job here. I appreciate your reviews and look forward to visiting everyday. You should toot your own horn. TOOT!! TOOT!!