Review Guidelines

I love reading and reviewing books, but I want to be sure that authors, publishers or publicists know where I stand up front.

Accepted Genres
Read in Colour specializes in literary reviews & promotion of adult & children's books featuring African, African-American, Asian, Caribbean, Latino & Native American characters. I am interested in reading and reviewing fiction, non-fiction, international fictionand memoirs. I absolutely will not read and/or review urban lit, street lit or erotica. Do not ask me to make an exception for your book.

What You Can Expect
My reviews include the cover of the book, the number of pages, month and year it was published and my rating on a scale of 1 - 5. My reviews are honest and straightforward. If I didn't like the book I will certainly say so, while constantly remembering to be gentle and kind in my dislike. I will mention the reservations I have about it. I feel it only fair that my readers believe that my reviews are my actual opinions and not something that I am guilted into. So, honesty is most important on my blog, and I will stick to it.

If I accept your ARC or RC that is not a guarantee that I will write a review, unless I have agreed to do so prior to accepting it. I will give any book a fair chance for at least 100 pages. If after 100 pages I cannot get into the plot at all or if the characters are not speaking to me, I will try my best to pass it on to another interested blogger for review on their blog, however this is not always possible. That said, very rarely do I give up on a book.

Turnaround Time
I try to review the books in a timely manner, but I am not always able to do it as soon as the sender would like. For ARC's with a release date, in most cases I will try to publish the review on the release date, or very close to it. For already released books I will review them in a matter of 1 - 3 months, unless I have agreed to do it sooner. If I accept a book as part of a blog tour, I will post a review on the agreed upon date.

Contact Me
If you are interested in sending a book for review, email me at with a brief synopsis of the book and a requested date for review.

Thank you so much for your interest in Read In Colour's book policies.


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  2. I think your review policy is fair. I'll send an email and see if my collection of short stories is right for you.