Friday, February 17, 2012

#BookReview: Mama Does Time - Deborah Sharp

"Mace is one of those Christmas and Easter Christians, Delilah. You know, the ones who crowd the pews on the holidays? They think the Lord will forget He hasn't seen them the rest of the year."

Mace Bauer has enough on her hands.  As an outdoor ranger in Himmarshee, Florida, she spends her days tracking down gators in pools, wild possums and the like.  But when a local man with mob connections is found in the trunk of her mama's car, Mace adds detective to her list of job duties.

 With her judgmental older sister, Maddie, prodding her to find out who really murdered the dead man and her younger sister, Marty, encouraging her romance with the handsome Detective Martinez, it's all Mace can do to stay on track. Her mama doesn't make it any easier by dragging Mace to her storefront church and ignoring the constant death threats against her.

Fans of chick lit, especially southern lit, will enjoy this.  Full of a lively cast of characters, Mama Does Time is an enjoyable read and a lively beginning to the Mace Bauer series.

Published: October 2008


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