Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#BookReview: Diamond Life - Aliya S. King

When I read Platinum back in 2010, I couldn't wait for a sequel.  The author, Aliya S. King, did a great job of making you dislike the characters you were supposed to and like the characters that you should.  When I added up which characters I liked and which I despised, I came up with only a handful that I could tolerate.  It doesn't matter, because King brought most of them back for Diamond Life and introduced a few new ones.

In my review of Platinum I mentioned Jackie Collins' Hollywood WivesPlatinum definitely gave me that kind of vibe as it focused on the women in the lives of the rappers, producers, etc.  If Platinum was Hollywood Wives-like, Diamond Life is Hollywood Husbands.  Though we were introduced to the men in the last book, and some had prominent roles, readers really get a chance to meet them this go round.

Birdie and Alex find themselves dealing with Birdie's new found fame.  Beth and Z are dealing with Z's post-rehab views on life.  Josephine and Ras find themselves adjusting to life with a new baby, while fending off an unwanted (by one) and wanted (by the other) intruder in their lives.  And Jake is having a hard time putting his life back together following the tragedy that befell his beloved wife Kipenzi.

I love that King has taken time to develop both the male and female characters.  Often times, one group tells the story from their point of view and the reader is left to draw their own conclusions as to how the other side thinks, feels or reacts.  With so many characters and story lines, it might be difficult for another author to develop both and keep readers interested in so many, but in King's capable hands, readers find themselves totally and completely immersed in everyone's story.

This was truly a can't put down book.  I've already stalked ask the author if we'll see more of these characters in the future.

So it looks like while we may not see everyone, there's a small chance that we may get to explore the Jack and Lily story line.  I'd also like to see more of Beth and Z.  They were the one couple that really had too many loose ends for me at the end.  I wasn't very clear on where they stood and King didn't give any big hints either.  I guess it's up to each reader to interpret as they choose.

Published: February 2012
Disclaimer: Copy received from publisher.  Opinions are my own.

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