Friday, February 24, 2012

Free for All Friday, Feb. 24

What does this cat have to do with anything? Nothing.  He's just fierce!  I go back and forth on whether or not this is a girl or a boy cat.  If you saw some of her pictures floating around a few months ago, she was definitely giving girl vibes.  As a matter of fact, she was so fierce in her white beret, I named her Sasha.  Since Sasha can be either a boy or girl's name, this cat is stuck with it regardless of gender.

Anywho, I can't believe this is the first Free for All Friday I've done this year, but it is.  So how is everyone's year going? Anyone doing any interesting reading challenges?  I've challenged myself to read 144 books this year, which really isn't a lot when you figure all I have to read is 12 books a month.  Now that my guilty pleasure, Downton Abbey, is over, I'll have plenty of time for reading.

Speaking of Downton Abbey, Shirley Maclaine joins the cast next season as Lady Grantham's (Elizabeth McGovern) mother. I can't wait to see her butt heads with the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith).  And while we're talking about Maggie, here are my top five favorite moments with her.

And finally, just wanted to make another plug for donations to the River City Readers program.  I've added a PayPal button for those that would prefer to donate that way instead of through Fundly.  Whether or not we meet the goal, all donations will go to the program.

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