Friday, June 26, 2009

The Soundtrack of my Life: A Tribute to Michael Jackson

I have fond memories of waiting on a DeBarge concert to start at Six Flags and listening to the whole Thriller album while I waited.My daughter often laughs at me and says I have a story associated with every song I know.She’s right.

Everyone in the 8th grade knew that I was THE biggest Michael Jackson fan. My walls were covered with his pictures (the ceiling was reserved for Prince). I would watch the American Music Awards, the Grammys, any show on tv that might give me a glimpse of my sequined glove King.My infatuation was so sick that I would take pictures on him on tv and tack them on my wall.I had both of my grandmothers clipping his pictures from the Enquirer, the Star, whatever magazine he appeared in.

I can still remember the looks on their faces.It's been 25 years, but just like it was yesterday, I can still remember my mother picking me up from a slumber party at Christy Vesper's house. The Vespers were quietly standing next to her looking as if the world had come to an end. The night before Michael Jackson had been burned while filming a Pepsi commercial and no one knew how to tell me.
As I grew older and started to lean more towards Prince’s erotic lyrics, I never strayed too far from Michael. Every time I thought he was done making great music, he’d pull me back with a new song.While he may be gone, his music still pulls me at me and I run back happily, remembering the soundtrack of my life.

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