Sunday, June 21, 2009

#BookReview: The View Park Series - Angela Winters

Remember the Carringtons of Dynasty? the Ewings of Dallas? Meet the Chases of View Park.

Steven Chase and wife Janet have spent thirty years building a hair care dynasty and a family. While Steven runs the business, Janet runs the home...when she's not popping pills.

Carter, the oldest of the Chase children, has always been a womanizer and a rebel. Refusing to work for the family business, he runs his own law firm. Never one to let his children stray too far away, Steven keeps him on retainer as the Chase company attorney. Chase has fallen for Avery, the owner of a chain of salons his father wants to take over. Will Chase choose Avery over his family or is blood really thicker than water?

Michael, the second son of Steven and Janet Chase, is the family CFO. Married to the conniving Kimberly, a former prostitute, and the father of twin boys, Michael is in a constant battle with his brother for the position of number one with his father. Blinded by his need to come first, Michael will stop at nothing to make sure he's on top.

Leigh Chase, doctor and philanthropist, wants nothing to do with her controlling mother. Traveling to the ends of the earth and maintaining a healthy distance from her family is her ultimate goal, but when you're a member of the View Park Chase's, it's all but impossible.

Bad girl Haley Chase has never felt loved by her father. We all know what havok a Daddy complex can wreak. From tearing up clubs, sleeping with several men to witnessing a Mafia hit,Haley will stop at nothing to get her father's attention.

This series flows extremely well. While I haven't yet picked up the latest in the series, A Price to Pay, it is definitely on my list of summer reads.

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