Sunday, June 21, 2009

#BookReview: LET'S GET IT ON by Jill Nelson

You can tell from the cover photo that this is not the typical Jill Nelson political/life observation book. Oh no, Jill takes us in the direction of Zane, but manages to do it with class. Readers of her work will remember her first departure from the norm with Sexual Healing.

 In this follow up novel, we find Acey, Wanda, Lydia, Odell and Captain Marvini taking their spa for men from the desert of Reno, Nevada to the uppercrust crowd of Martha's Vineyard. Introduced to the important members of society by Lydia's godmother, Ma Nicola, the crew is delightfully surprised to find that the wealthy women of the Vineyard flock to the spa for ALL of their services.

Never one to completely ignore politics, Ms. Nelson manages to poke fun at George W. Bush and his fictional policy of "No Child, No Behind" which threatens to ruin their operations. Add the threats of an east coast Mafia don and you've definitely got trouble.

Ms. Nelson is masterful at creating fascinating characters and she hits the mark once again in her latest.

288 p.
Published: June 2007

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