Monday, June 29, 2009

#BookReview: They Tell me of A Home - Daniel Black

When he left Stamp Creek, Arkansas ten years ago, Tommy Lee (TL) Tyson had no intention of ever coming back. Armed with a PhD in black studies, he feels the need to return to try to connect with the parents that never loved him and the sister he left behind. TL arrives to find that Sister passed two years ago and no one is willing to answer his questions about what happened. Planning to be in town for only one week, TL will have to break down barriers that have been in place all twenty-eight years of his life to find out the truth about Sister, his brother and his parents.

I liked this book. The author does a good job of capturing a small southern town and its characters. There were some parts that were too preachy for me, but they didn't last very long.

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