Monday, August 31, 2009

#BookReview: Stormy Weather: A Charlotte Justice Novel - Paula L. Woods

Detective Charlotte Justice is back for another round of murder and mayhem in the Los Angeles Police Department. When Maynard Duncan, a dying African American film maker, passes everyone assumes it was from the cancer he was diagnosed with earlier in the year. The mercy killer case Charlotte is working on begins to intersect with Duncan’s case and she begins to suspect that his death may have been at the hands of the “Angel of Death.” Interviewing the cast of characters including his wife, sister, housekeeper, nurse, shady business partner and his secret lover, Charlotte begins to suspect that any one of them would gain something from his death.

As if dealing with murder isn’t enough, Charlotte is forced to deal with her overbearing lieutenant. She’s almost sure that he set her and her partner up, but now she has to prove it without appearing to be weak. On the home front, Charlotte continues to push her newly found old flame away and must decide if she's going to continue to live in the past or move forward. With assistance from her sister detectives, the lovable Billie and not-so-nice Gena, she finds the killer, and it’s someone she least suspected.

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