Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#BookReview: Sisters and Husbands - Connie Briscoe

A follow up to 1995's "Sisters and Lovers," I'm sorry to say that I don't even remember reading the original. I'm sure I did, but I read a lot and rarely remember characters unless they're outstanding. Nevertheless, it wasn't necessary to read the first book to understand and enjoy the sequel.

"Sisters and Husbands" is the story of three sisters: newly engaged Beverly; Charmaine, on her fourth marriage; and Evelyn, married for twenty-five years. Told through the eyes of each sister, it's interesting to see how the sisters not only interpret their own situations, but those of their sisters as well.

Youngest sister Beverly has called off two previous engagements and is on the verge of calling off her third days before the wedding when she sees both of her sisters struggling with their marriages.

Middle sister Charmaine admits that she wasn't mature enough to handle any of her previous marriages. Now that she's settled down with blue collar Prince Charming, she's sure this marriage will last. When his daughter shows up for her annual summer visit, Prince Charming turns into someone Charmaine doesn't know. One argument too many about playing favorites and spending more money than they have to pacify daddy's little girl leads the family to split and Charmaine starts to believe that she's headed for divorce number four.

As the eldest, Evelyn has always held it together for her family. When her husband of 25 years sells the law firm he started and takes a job at Blockbuster, Evelyn brushes it off as a mid-life crisis. Coming home to find him packing his things is another story. Evelyn is crushed that the love of her life has walked out on her. Can the advice she's given clients as a psychologist help her work through her own marital problems? And what will her family think when they find out her perfect marriage isn't so perfect anymore?

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  1. I just reads this book not too long. I felt that the heroine/protagonist Beverly was a bit... unlikable due to her constant indecisiveness. However, overall, I found it to be a pretty good read.