Sunday, December 27, 2020

Second Chance on Cypress Lane by Reese Ryan

I love, love, love a good small town romance. And if you set it in a southern town or a coastal town, any place with quirky characters who are all up in each other’s business or one of a kind festivals? You might as well buy me a ticket there because I’ve already packed my suitcases (in my head) and started planning how soon I can move to this imaginary place. All of this to say, Reese Ryan has created a cozy little town in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I can’t wait to read more about this town and its characters. 

 When small town girl made good returns to town with her tail tucked between her legs, no one in town bats an eye. Dakota’s father and her best friend, Sinclair, are overjoyed at her return, and so is her high school boyfriend, Dexter. Of course Dakota still has the hots for him, though she won’t admit it to anyone, not even herself, and he has the hots for her, but they both try to play it cool. In the hands of a less experienced author, this storyline could have been predictable and just a little cheesy. Reese Ryan, however, doesn’t make the focal point of the story about will they or won’t they. 

 Our girl Dakota gets to focus on family issues, friendship issues, employment issues. What I’m saying is she’s a grown woman whose life doesn’t revolve around whether or not she’s going to hook up with a man. But if she does? When she does? Steamy! 😅😅😅 

 Can you tell how much I enjoyed Second Chance? I started reading it on my lunch hour and skipped TV watching so I could finish it the same day. Thanks to @readforeverpub for sending this one my way. I saw so many potential couple matchups while reading it and I’m so looking forward to returning to Holly Grove Island in 2021.

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