Friday, May 24, 2013

10 Fun Facts About Walter Mosley & His Works

The great one came to town and I was there! This was my first time seeing him in person and I had no idea he was so funny.  He read the first chapter of his latest book, Little Green, entertained questions for about 30 minutes and autographed books.  Along the way, he dropped some interesting tidbits, some of which I've read in other interviews and some I've never heard before.

In addition to finding out about his wicked sense of humor, here's what I learned:

  1. Little Green is his only book about resurrection.
  2. He's working with Anthony Mackie on a film adaptation of The Man in My Basement.
  3. The idea for The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey came from dealing with his mother who was suffering from dementia.  Samuel Jackson is working on a movie version of the book. Ptolemy Grey will not be returning in any form.  
  4. He never uses a typewriter.
  5. His favorite character is Twill from the Leonid McGill series.
  6. The Tempest Tales is inspired by characters from Langston Hughes' Jess B. Semple series.
  7. He only works on one book at a time.
  8. He's working on a musical of Devil in a Blue Dress.
  9. He's working with Laurence Fishburne on a series based on Socrates Fortlaw.
  10. He's been drawing for 45 years and never really shares it with anyone, but will have several pictures displayed in a show in New York June through July.

Interested in hearing more and learning about that wonderful sense of humor I mentioned?  Check out the video below.  It's chock full of more fun facts and interesting tidbits.

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