Monday, November 2, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare A Book?

While I try to avoid figure out this whole writing thing, my mind keeps wandering to more important things like:

  • When the creator of the alphabet created it, how did he or she decide what letters should look like and what sounds they should make?
  • Will those boots I saw at Naturalizer still be on sale when I'm finally ready to purchase them? No, really. You don't understand. It's hard for a big-calved chick like me to find boots!
  • Do fries go with that shake?
  • Why are the majority of my blog and Twitter followers women?
Ok, so maybe only one of those questions is really valid. Studies (and observation by anyone who has lived long enough) have shown that women tend to be more chatty, so that would explain Twitter, but the blog?

Do women read more than men? I got my love of reading from my father and he got it from his mother. Aside from him, I can count the number of men that I know who read something other than the morning paper daily. What say you, blogosphere?

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