Monday, October 19, 2009

#BookReview: Nappily in Bloom - Trisha R. Thomas

Fans of Venus Johnston, of the Nappily... series will be glad to know she's back. Along with her are her husband, rapper turned entrepreneur, Jake; the father of her two year old daughter, Airic; and Airic's overly ambitious bordering on obnoxious wife, Trevelle Doval.

I appreciated this book a little more than the others because the author widens her circle of "main characters" and gives more focus to all of the former minor characters and a little less to Venus. Nappily in Bloom brings the return of Jake's right hand man, Legend, and with him always comes trouble. If you remember all of the heartache Airic and Trevelle caused Venus and Jake in the last book, you'll be glad to see that karma comes back on them hard. And not to be left out, Judge Delma Hawkins is back and struggling with the fact that not only is her daughter marrying a conniving fellow attorney, but is insisting on including her birth mother in the ceremony.


  1. I'm so mad I didn't jump on the "Nappily" series when it first started. I guess I could always start from scratch, but it's kind of hard, seeing that I got wind of what the following books are about. I feel the same way about the "Shopaholic" series.

  2. Trust me, there's a lot I left out. You should give them a look. I think you'll enjoy them.