Monday, September 28, 2009

#BookReview: Nappily Faithful - Trisha R. Thomas

After Jake is found not guilty of killing his former business accountant, he and Venus relocate to Atlanta. Hoping to make a new start, he sells his clothing line to his best friend, Legend, and focuses on producing new artists and spending more time with his family. Things haven't been right between him and Venus since she lost the baby she was carrying when he went to trial.

Venus isn't happy with the way things are with Jake and is ready to call it quits until she receives a call from Airic. After a three year absence, he's ready to be a father to Mya, a role Jake has been filling happily.

Newly married to televangelist and speaker, Trevelle Doval, Airic realizes that it's time for him to grow up and be the father that he should have been when Mya was born. Trevelle has convinced him that Jake's recent trial and Venus' brief hospitalization for an overdose have made them unfit parents.

Former prostitute turned evangelist, Trevelle Doval, will stop at nothing to complete her perfect picture as good Christian woman. She's so busy throwing stones at Jake and Venus that she conveniently forgets that she killed her former pimp and abandoned her child in the backseat of a car. It's too bad that the presiding judge of the custody hearing remembers, because she was there to witness it all.

I had forgotten about this series until someone reminded me of it. I'm already looking forward to reading Trisha Thomas' latest, Nappily in Bloom.

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  1. I enjoyed Nappily In Bloom, I finished it last week and I hope there will be another book in the series!