Tuesday, July 14, 2009

#BookReview: Finding Me - Darnella Ford

Eleven year old Blaze James is a firecracker and I love her! Well, I do until she grows up and the book goes off on a tangent. Blaze and her twin, Aerial, live with their drunkard father and former beauty queen turned waitress mother in a small shack in Shreveport, Louisiana. At the age of 11, Blaze is still peeing in the bed. Her father threatens to beat her if she pees in the bed one more time. Waking up to find the bed wet again, Blaze decides to dry it outside before her mother gets home from her night shift. An explosion levels the house and Blaze's father dies in the fire and her twin, Aerial, is horribly burned.

While the twin's mother takes off for the hospital in Baton Rouge with Aerial, Blaze is sent down the street to Miss Felicity Hardaway's house where's she's told "grown folks shit" happens and it's none of her business. Never one to backdown, Blaze has a few things to say about what goes on in Miss Felicity's house. Blaze has just gotten settled in when her mother announces they're moving to California because it will be better for Aerial.

Shortly after the move, her mother starts a job as a maid, marries her employer and ships Blaze off to boarding school in Connecticut and this is where the book falls apart. The Blaze that returns from boarding school is not the spunky girl that left. It's almost like the author forgot the character of her character and created someone new like the reader wouldn't notice. The rest of the book continues with a blah and nonconvincing storyline and no real resolution at the end.

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