Thursday, October 22, 2009

#BookReview: Wildflowers - Lyah Beth LeFlore

St. Louis native, Lyah Beth LeFlore, has delivered another winner. Co-author of Eddie and Gerald Levert's I Got Your Back, Ms. LeFlore is consistent with her writing and does a fantastic job of capturing her audience.

Though Wildflowers follows the lives of three mothers and their adult daughters, it is Chloe Davis Michaels who really shines. Living the good life in LA, Chloe begins to question herself when she realizes that she's approaching her mid-30s without a prospective husband in sight. This makes her easy prey for the good looking and smooth talking Gregorry Robinson III. Two months into their marriage, the one her family warned her about, things start to fall apart and when Chloe gets a call from the bank, she realizes that Gregorry has emptied out their joint account and stolen all of her money. As if that weren't devastating enough, Chloe loses the baby she was carrying. Determined to get herself together, she heads home to St. Louis and her family.

It's back in St. Louis that the reader is introduced to Chloe's sisters Fawn, who's in love with her pastor while rejecting her doctor husband; and Eve, suffering from low self-esteem with the degrading boyfriend to prove it. We also meet their cousins Ceci, a loud and boisterous hair stylist/postal worker/barmaid with a penchant for men, booze and cocaine, raised by a mother that only wanted the best for her; and Thora, an out of town cousin that keeps her distance in order to keep peace in her heart and home, raised by the distant, Billye Jean.

At first I was skeptical about keeping all of the characters straight, since there were so many, but Ms. LeFlore does an excellent job of giving them their own distinct voices. You'll find yourself rooting for each woman and recognizing the strength in women that surely lies within your own family.

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