Monday, October 19, 2009

#BookReview: My Husband's Fiancee - Kaira Denee

Thanks to Dawn over at Dream Relations, Inc. for sending this my way. Let me start by saying that the story lines could have been divided and produced two books instead of one.

The main character is 27 year old reality TV producer, Kimberly Rose, who's caught up in a "love thing" with an 18 year old NBA player. I can't say this is unbelievable, but I can't imagine too many mothers that would be okay with their 18 year old dating a grown woman, even if he's making grown man money.

A former stripper turned producer, Kimberly is stunned when her young hottie proposes to her and her best friend from her stripping days shows up in town. She's torn about whether she should reveal her past and if she should accept his proposal.

The side story in all of this is the reality TV show Kimberly is producing about a married man with a fiancee'. Yes, you read that right. Engaged. Married. Wife. Kids. We're to believe that two women love this man enough to move into a house with him for 12 weeks and participate in challenges that will ultimately help him decide which woman he should be with. I don't want to get up on my feminist soapbox and start spouting, but what the hell???

Anyway, the ladies move in with Eric and basically he's torn between new booty and old booty. For a short while it seems that the ladies might come to their senses and both will kick him to the curb, but eh, no such luck. Someone gets his trifling tail and is happy about it.

I was really bothered by the implausibility of both story lines, along with the proofing errors. I saw "they're" for "their" way too many times, along with "you're" for "your". It's also interesting to note that while we're not told the race of any of the other characters, though assumptions could be made based on names, the writer drops the fact that Kimberly is white midway through the book. I don't know if that was supposed to add something to the story line or not, but honestly it just made me feel some kind of way.

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