Monday, October 26, 2009

#BookReview: Roadrunner - Trisha R. Thomas

Former major league baseball player Dell "Roadrunner" Fletcher is in danger of losing his wife and kids if he can't get himself together. A baseball injury leaves him addicted to painkillers and feeling sorry for himself. His wife and kids have tried to be understanding and given him room to grieve for his former life, but when he hits his wife, they begin to realize that he's spiraled out of control.

The patrolman that responds to his wife's 911 call removes Dell from the home, but instead of booking him, takes him for a long ride that results in his disappearance.

Officer Lopez manages to inject himself in every aspect of the grieving family's life in a way that borders on stalking. Dell's son is loving the fatherly attention he's receiving, but his daughter is sure the handsome cop is up to something sinister.

This was a decent book, a quick read and a nice departure from the author's "Nappily..." series.

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