Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#BookReview: The Million Dollar Demise - RM Johnson

The Million Dollar Demise is supposed to be the last in the series that includes The Million Dollar Divorce and The Million Dollar Deception. Somehow I think there's room for either a fourth book with the same characters or a new series based on some of the existing characters.

For those that haven't read the first two books, let me bring you up to speed. Multimillionaire Nate Kenny always gets what he wants...always. When he finds out that his new bride, Monica, is unable to have children he files for divorce. Realizing that the only way to keep her from getting his money is to catch her cheating, he hires a con man, Lewis Waters, to weasel his way into her life and seduce her. Nate didn't bargain on Lewis actually falling in love with Monica and vice verse. Not only does Monica fall for Lewis, she falls for his daughter. Upset that his plan backfired, Nate sets out to destroy Lewis and uses his best friend, Freddy Ford, to do it. When that plan fails, Freddy seeks revenge on Nate for causing him to lose his house, his fiancee and their unborn child. Meanwhile, Monica learns of Lewis' deception and returns to Nate, taking with her the daughter of the now jailed Lewis, not realizing that Nate is the master mind of her unhappiness. At the close of The Million Dollar Deception Monica has moved back into Nate's house, along with Lewis' daughter, and the toddler that Nate adopted as part of his grand plan to win Monica over. A knock at the door and several gunshots later, Nate and Monica have been left for dead and little Nate is nowhere to be found.

Alright, so The Million Dollar Demise picks up with the previous book left off. Tigers don't change their stripes over night, leopards don't change their spots and Nate Kenny hasn't become an angel. Recovering from his wounds, he sits by the comatose Monica's bedside for weeks while his personal detective searches for Nate, Jr. But when his ex-fiancee', Daphanie, shows up and says she's pregnant, Nate makes plans to dump Monica as soon as she awakens.

On the run from the police in Chicago, Freddy heads down south to his ex-girlfriend's house. When he shows up with a kid in tow, she knows something's up, but she's smart enough not to ask. Recently released from prison, Lewis reaches out to Freddy to return Nate, Jr. in hopes that Nate and Monica will return his daughter to him in exchange.

Loved this book. The ending will leave you begging for more and, with any luck, RM Johnson will deliver.

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