Friday, March 26, 2010

Seduction/Lover Man - Geneva Holliday

Mildred Johnson ain't hardly cute. So when the handsome Tony Landry joins the firm, ignores her for months and then starts showering attention on her, she should have some clue that something in the milk's not clean. But meet the "almost 40 year old" virgin who's so happy that any man has shown her attention that she doesn't question his motives. Mildred finds herself sucked into Tony's get-rich-quick scheme and it's only when he takes the money and runs does she realize that she just got played. Reinventing herself as Karma, Mildred proves that in her eyes, revenge is the best medicine.

Geneva Holliday, the lighter and more erotic side of author Bernice McFadden, is back with another great read. Her latest, Lover Man, picks up where Seduction left off. When event planner, Crystal Atkins, meets a handsome, fellow American at a wedding in Antigua, she's convinced that he's the one for her. Leaving her child's father behind, she relocates to New York to be with the man she loves. What's really going on with the strange woman that lives across the street from her though? Fans of Ms. Holliday's work will remember Karma Jackson as the foxy and fabulous reinvention of the homely Mildred Johnson. Karma is back in the states and ready to get reacquainted with her city. Proving that the grass is always greener on the other side, Karma soon realizes that while her appearance on the outside has changed, she's still Mildred on the inside. Back for another appearance is the grouchy, but lovable cougar, Geneva Holliday herself. When her husband convinces her to leave Manhattan and move all the way to Brooklyn she's sure her world will never be the same. I love this author as both Geneva Holliday and Bernice McFadden. Her characters are believable and she doesn't sugar coat a thing. I love that she's able to write in such a clear voice in both of her genres and I'm looking forward to reading more from her.

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