Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet Author Darine Davis, AAMBC Blog Tour

Bayou Drama is a collection of five short stories that deal with the all too familiar issues of unsolicited drama we all tend to encounter. These stories will make you laugh, cry, and in some cases may make you a bit angry at the actions these characters take in certain situations.

Darine assures me the stories will make you look at your own situation and how we handle our own drama in our current situations.

Excerpt from the book
As the morning sun creeps over the horizon, a small moan is heard as the two forms slowly turn over. Michael slowly wipes the sleep from his eyes and tried to gather his bearing. He tries to focus and realized the room looked rather different.

“Oh, Snap!”

The lady lying next to him startled from his outburst jumps up.

“What the…Oh Lord baby I am so sorry!”

Michael looked at her and smiled.

“Don’t worry about it she doesn’t get home until eight anyway.”

Michael hurried to get dressed and kissed his lover passionately.

“You were great last night, Sarah”

She looked at him with disgust, “Then if I am that damn great why can’t you leave your wife?”

Michael not up for an argument pretended not to hear her.

“Are you coming by tonight Michael?”

Michael looked at her and smiled, “You know I am.”

Sarah smirked and gave him a loving peck on the cheek.

Michael made his way outside and got in his car. As he pulled off he thought about Sarah’s comment. “I need to leave.” He thought. He could not understand what was keeping him at home. He began to think back on how great his marriage once was.

Michael's thoughts seemed to fumble in his mind. Everything felt like confusion. All his thoughts seemed to tangle in his head like yarn. He loved his wife but he was falling in love with Sarah. She was able to do to him things Joyce couldn't begin to grasp.

Michael and Joyce were married fifteen years ago. Everyone stated they completed each other. Although they were total opposites they complimented each other well. Michael is a software engineer and very good at what he does. Very soft spoken and easy going, people tend to cling to him. Once you befriended him he became a friend for life. Joyce, on the other hand, was the night to his day.

Darine Davis is the author of Bayou Drama and When A Good Man Goes Bad. Born in Shreveport, LA he moved to Texas when he was a toddler. He lived in Greenville, TX for eight
years of his life where his mother’s family resides. After his mother’s divorce, they moved to Houston where he lived with his aunts and cousins. Prior to graduating from high school, he joined the Navy under a split trainer program where he did boot camp the summer after his eleventh grade year, graduated from North Shore High School and returned to the Navy. After an eight year stint in the military, he left under honorable conditions and pursued his education earning two associate degrees at Houston Community College and bachelors in Information Systems at University of Houston – Victoria. He is currently married and has two children who he cherishes dearly. He has always wanted a true family and feels he has that in his wife and children. His writing is inspired by life and intense imagination. His country humor and controversial topics invoke thought provoking topics that will engulf the reader into the world of the character and the situations posed in the stories he develop.

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