Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#BookReview: I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT YOU by Terry McMillan

When you've always done what's expected of you, doing the unexpected can throw people off. It's expected that Friday nights will find Dr. Georgia Young at home watching reruns of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (I'm partial to the original and SVU myself). Twice married and divorced, a patient in for an eye exam piques her interest. It turns out that she's the daughter of an old college boyfriend.

This brief conversation sets Georgia on a path of shoulda, coulda, wouldas. What if that old boyfriend was the real love of her life? Why didn't she tell him she loved him instead of playing it cool? Given the chance, should she track down the great loves of her life and tell them how important they were to her, why she loved them, find out why they loved her, why they stopped loving her, etc.? Well I wouldn't do it, because whew! That's a Pandora's box I wouldn't be willing to open. But I'm not a Terry McMillan character, so there's that.

Georgia has been stuck in a rut for a while so she's ready for some changes in her life. Her journey to find past loves sets her on course to make other changes (like telling her BFF how much she hates her hobby) and take on more adventures. Her approach to relationships with her daughter, friends and even her ex-husbands changes and she finds herself stepping out of her comfort zone and maybe, perhaps into a new romantic relationship.

This book gave me all the feels for so many reasons. I love, love, LOVE that McMillan's characters are age appropriate. By that, I mean she seems to write what she knows. So when I started reading her when I was in college, her characters were 20somethings. Instead of staying in that age group, the age of her characters has progressively gotten older, as she has, and I appreciate that. Because she's slightly older than me, her books tend to feel like a, "girl, this is what's coming up for you down the road, so beware" warning. Like I said, this book spoke to me for reasons and had me questioning life decisions, next steps and possibilities. Though I think people of all ages can certainly relate to Georgia, women of a certain age will definitely embrace and relate to this character.

368 p.
Published: June 2016
Disclaimer: Copy of book received from publisher, opinions are my own.

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