Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#BookReview: Ada's Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel - Alice Randall

I know several people who loved this book. I've watched them gush over it and wondered, did we read the same book?  I didn't dislike the book, but I didn't love it like they did.  The biggest problem I had with it was that I couldn't decide what it wanted to be, a work of fiction or a diet guide.  I get the feeling that the author really wanted it to be both, but what if the reader only wants one or the other?

Ada Howard is a preacher's wife who has managed to pack on a few pounds over the years.  Her husband, Lucious, or Preach as he's called, says he loves her as she is, but his distance and lack of lovemaking lead her to believe otherwise.  When she receives an invite from a long ago boyfriend to her 25th college reunion, she decides to get in shape.  If Preach doesn't want her, maybe Matt Mason will.

How did Ada get out of shape to in the first place? The same way a lot of people, especially women, do.  Burdened with caring for elderly parents, raising two daughters of her own, running her own business and being a wife, Ada neglected herself.  As Ada begins her journey to her new self, she transforms not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.  And because she has a spirit of giving, she can't keep the things she learns to herself.  Her daughters, the families at her daycare center and everyone around her benefits from the changes she's making.  The only person that doesn't seem to realize how good the changes are is her husband.

While I can appreciate the author wanting to share her guide to weight loss with readers, I really wish she'd written this as either two separate books or the fictional part up front with tips for weight loss in the back or vice versa.

Published: April 2012

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