Monday, September 28, 2009

#BookReview: Nappily Married - Trisha R. Thomas

Fans of the Nappily Ever After series are already familiar with Venus Johnston. For those that aren't, let's catch you up. In the first book of the series, Venus is shacking up with her doctor boyfriend, Clint, while holding down a decent job and biding time until he proposes. Committed to Clint and keeping her hair "did", Venus chucks it all to the wind when Clint gives her a dog for her birthday, instead of the ring she expected. Cutting all of her "long, luxurious mane" off gives Venus the independence she's been searching for, but when Clint dumps her and starts dating a long-maned beauty, Venus begins to wonder if she made a mistake.

Book two of the series, Would I Lie to You?, finds Venus in the arms of a new man, the aloof Airic. After dating him for two years and realizing there's still no ring in sight, Venus relocates to the west coast where she meets former rapper, Jake Parsons, working on the marketing campaign for his new clothing line. Jake is only meant to be a distraction from her problems with Airic and her mother, who is battling breast cancer. To Venus' surprise she finds herself in love with Jake while carrying Airic's baby.

Ok, so now that we're all caught up, let's get to Nappily Married. Venus is happily married to Jake and together they're raising Mya, the daughter Airic refused to help Venus raise. While Jake is happy running his clothing empire, Venus finds herself looking for something she can call her own.

When an opportunity to work at a local hospital opens, Venus jumps on it. Imagine her surprise at finding that former boyfriend, Dr. Clint Fairchild, has relocated to the west coast as well and brought along the woman he left Venus for. Her new employer decides to have Venus compete for her job with Clint's wife, Kandi, who's determined to make Venus' life a living hell. Jake is not happy at all about Venus being in such close proximity to her ex-boyfriend and when she fails to tell him that she's traveling to DC with him for a conference, all hell breaks loose.

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