Monday, July 20, 2009

#BookReview: Maneater - Mary B. Morrison & Sugar-Honey-Ice Tee - Noire

You know how there are some books that you can only read at home because you don't want someone walking up to you asking what you're reading and you have to admit that you're reading pure smut? This is one of those books.

Authors Mary B. Morrison and Noire team up to give readers two short stories under the header, Maneater. In the first story, Character of a Man, Seven is surprised when her fiance, Maverick, tells her she needs to lose weight or the wedding is off. With six weeks before the ceremony, Seven has to decide if this man is worth losing the twenty-five pounds she's gained or if he's just playing Jedi mind games with her. In the meantime, her best friend Zena makes an interesting discovery about Maverick that explains why he's been so cold to Seven and whether his issue is really about her or him.

Sugar-Honey-Ice Tee are the nicknames for a trio of sisters sent to bring down three NFL players that have ruined the career of their brother and engaged in several other shady deals. Narrated by a friend of the players, Ribs, the story is entertaining, but very unbelievable. Yeah, I know it's fiction, but make me believe it could happen.

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