Tuesday, July 14, 2009

#BookReview: God Gave Me Some Bad Advice - Byron Harmon

I'll admit that I picked this book up based on the title alone. It's a quick read about a boy growing up in Louisiana with little drive or ambition. His poor grades land him in the Army, at his father's insistence. While serving during Operation Desert Storm, he begins to grow up, though not enough to keep him from coming home and wasting the $ 15,000 that he's built up in his account in two months. Remembering that he still qualifies for the GI Bill, he enrolls in Southern University and studies communications. Along the way he realizes he likes what he's doing and when offered a job with a small station, takes them up on the offer, dropping out of school.

It's unclear if he ever returns to finish his degree, but what is clear is that his newly found drive and ambition take him from market to market until he lands a position as executive producer at CNN. Based on his life as he remembers it, God Gave Me Some Bad Advice is an entertaining story from this first time author.

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