Friday, February 5, 2016

#BookReview: PASSION'S SONG by Farrah Rochon

Synopsis: New Orleans has always been a musical city, and April Knight quickly fell under its spell. Despite the challenges of poverty and disillusionment, April defied everyone to realize her dream of becoming a celebrated cellist. Buoyed by her success, she's returned to the Ninth Ward to share her encouragement and enthusiasm with the local youth, unaware of a new passion that awaits.

Years ago, Damien Alexander encouraged April to follow her ambitions, even as he followed his own. Now he has the opportunity to revitalize his old neighborhood, and he needs April's grace and charm to woo investors. Instead of the platonic arrangement they expected, a swift and intense spark of attraction suddenly changes the dynamic of their relationship. Will they be able to help their community and answer the sweet, sweet melody of love?

Review: I love stories where the location is just as much of a character in the book as the actual people. Once again, Farrah Rochon brings another city to life and this time it's New Orleans, with a focus on the Ninth Ward. With the real life tragedy of Hurricane Katrina playing a role in the devastation of an area that had already been hard hit prior to the storm, she sets her characters up as two of the wards success stories.

Rochon always creates interesting protagonists so it's easy to imagine the nerdy high school version of April pining away for the school jock version of Damien. But it's also nice to see the adults they turned out to be. As they dance around each other and try to fight their feelings for one another, their interactions are genuine and believable. Their story lines are interesting and they're definitely characters worth cheering for. April's family, students and co-workers, along with Damien's brother and employees, all provide a bit of comic relief throughout, keeping this an easy, breezy and lighthearted read.

At just 224 pages, I tore through Passion's Song in two readings. And, as always, it left me wishing I could be plucked out of my life and planted in the middle of a Farrah Rochon created universe.

224 p.
Published: February 2016
Disclaimer: Copy of book received from author, opinions are my own.

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