Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welcome to Read In Colour

When I started back in 2009, it was always my intention to share with fellow readers some really great (and not so great) reads by all kinds of authors.  I've always felt that some books needed more exposure because they don't get noticed by the "mainstream."  Those books tend to be by authors of color and women.  I've made the decision to re-brand the Reads4Pleasure as Read In Colour and focus solely on books by African, African-American, Asian, Latino and Native American authors.  While I will continue to read other authors, brief reviews of those books will be posted strictly at Goodreads.

If you follow me on other social media sites, you'll notice that the change has already happened on them.  The Facebook page will continue to have Reads4Pleasure as a username (because Facebook will not allow me to change it), but the URL will point you to Read In Colour.

Questions? Comments? Hit me up and let me know.  Otherwise, I'll see you on the other side.

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