Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#BookReview: Uptown - Virginia DeBerry & Donna Grant

Avery Lyons left New York for a career in the foreign service shortly after she graduated college.  Though her entire family still lives in the city, Avery is more than satisfied with the distance that she's put between herself and them.  But when her mother takes ill, she's forced to return to a Harlem she no longer recognizes.

Dwight Dixon has tried to live up to the family name for years, but it's hard when your father is King Dixon.  King made his fortune in real estate and Dwight is determined to expand the family empire beyond anything his father could imagine.  Just when he thinks his goal will be met, he runs into problems with everything from the architect to financing.

Once close, cousins Avery and Dwight haven't had much to say to one another since the incident that left Avery ready to flee the states.  Now that Avery is back in town, Dwight needs her help, but if he thinks Avery will give it willingly, he should think again.

Authors and friends, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, have come through once again with a solid story complete with everything a reader looks for in a good book.  The ladies have truly mastered writing in one voice so well that their words and thoughts flow seamlessly.

Published March 2010

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