Friday, February 19, 2010

Literary News You Can Use

Just wanted to take a minute to share some literary "goings on".

Don't miss Sins of the Mother on the Lifetime Movie Network this Sunday at 8 pm est/7 pm cst. Based on Carleen Brice's Orange Mint and Honey, it stars Jill Scott and Nicole Beharie (American Violet). Be sure to head over to the Lifetime message board to let them know what you think, especially if you'd like to see more of our stories on TV and the big screen.

The sequel to Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale titled Getting to Happy is set to be released some time this fall and catches up with the ladies 10 - 15 years after we last saw them. What do you think? Anyone excited about this or has the interest level in this story expired?

Anchee Min, author of Empress Orchid and The Last Empress is back with a new book about author Pearl Buck. I'm a fan of both women so I'm looking forward to reading Pearl of China when it comes out in March. If I'm really lucky, I'll get a free copy in the mail!

There's finally a Kindle for Blackberry app available and it's free! What does that mean to you? That means you can join the rest of us in reading Bernice McFadden's Keeper of the Keys, available for the low price of $ 1.99. You can also read it on your iPhone or on your computer, using Amazon's new Kindle for PC app. After you've read it, be sure to sign up over on the right for a reminder of our March 10 chat with the author herself.

This has absolutely nothing to do with literature, but it makes me cackle.

That's it for me. What upcoming books and/or literary events are you excited about? Please feel free to share!

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