Friday, December 18, 2009

#BookReview: If These Walls Could Talk - Bettye Griffin

Though this book is called If These Walls Could Talk, it should have been called "that's what you get for being uppity and thinking you could buy a house, now stay your tail in an apartment and call it a day." I don't know if that's what author Bettye Griffin had in mind, but that's certainly what I got from it.

Following the lives of three families living in various parts of New York, If These Walls Could Talk takes them on the journey from the decision to become home owners 100 miles away from where they currently live. The families deal with the long commute from Pennsylvania to their New York jobs, not doing their homework prior to buying homes, a shady contractor, foreclosure, separation, doubting family members and unexpected guests.

I found nothing distinguishable about most of the characters and had to go back several times to try to determine which family I was actually reading about at times. If my walls at home could talk, they'd ask me why I wasted time reading this.

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  1. Is this a new book or the one that has been out for quite awhile now. I remember hearing something about an 'if walls could talk"