Sunday, June 7, 2009

#BookReview: Midnight - Sister Souljah

If you pick this book up thinking you're getting the sequel to the highly acclaimed "The Coldest Winter Ever", you'll be disappointed to know this book is not a sequel. That begs the question, why isn't it? I'm one of those people that will struggle through a book for days even if it's poorly written, poorly edited and the storyline is non-existent.

Midnight is the story of a young Islamic boy that immigrates to America from Africa with his mother. In the 5 years before he leaves Africa, he is taught many lessons by his father and uses all he has learned to protect his mother in America. While his mother only speaks Arabic, he was taught English and is able to translate for her. As such, he becomes the voice for her when dealing with landlords, clients, etc. He struggles to stay true to his Islamic beliefs while living in Brooklyn and dating, and eventually marrying, a Japanese artist, all at the age of 14. The end of the book finds the 14 year old boarding a plane to Japan to reclaim the hand of his 16 year old bride who has been spirited back to Japan by her father.

I smell a sequel and to this I still say, WHY? We couldn't get a sequel to "The Coldest Winter Ever", a book that truly deserved a sequel, but you're going to give us one to this?

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